OPI’s plant engineer and plant staff have combined extensive experience in mechanical equipment, industrial processes, and fluoropolymer coating systems. Our staff will work to first understand your specific need and then work with you to determine which coating and application will most benefit your process or product.

We understand that applying Teflon® to your product improves your product’s performance. We are committed to continually evaluating our procedures and reviewing your product so that you are receiving the best coating possible for your application.

Our coating expertise, outstanding customer service, and our zero-defect guarantee will make you glad you chose OPI for your coating needs.

Special Needs – OPI Goes The Extra Mile

OPI understands some equipment cannot be taken out of service for long periods of time to have critical parts coated. OPI will work with you to arrange exceptionally fast turnaround times when the situation calls for it. This may include Friday to Monday turnaround. Please contact us to discuss your scheduling needs.

Physical Sizes

  • 133″ L x 61″ W x 72″ H
  • Physical Weight: 5000 lbs.

Physical Services

  • De-greasing, caloric, at 750° F
  • Application of industrial fluoropolymer coatings (Teflon®)